Etapa 6 btt | Ruta Vía de la Plata | La Ruta En Bici

Plasencia - Béjar

BTT · Stage 6 · 79 Kilometres See map


The trail is well signposted with yellow arrows and grey stone markers, except for the stretches between Plasencia and Carcaboso and Calzada de Béjar and Béjar, where the route follows the main road. Cycling is quite difficult on some stretches during the rainy season, with numerous streams to ford, muddy stretches and gates to pass through.


From Plasencia, take the same road as you did in the previous stage to arrive, as you need to double back; in this case, towards Carcaboso. Traffic is heavy between Plasencia and Carcaboso. From there, you head downhill to the outskirts of Calzada de Béjar, where you take a 5-km stretch of road with very little traffic that runs through a wooded area and takes you to Béjar.

The percentage of trails/paths is 80%, with the remaining 20% being paved roads.


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  • Km 0 - Carcaboso

    The route runs along the main road with lots of traffic for the first 10 kilometres.

  • Km 42.5 -

    Depending on the time of year, you may encounter problems fording the River Ambroz or its affluent.

  • Km 70.7 - Calzada de Béjar

    The route leaves the Via de la Plata and takes a secondary road with very little traffic until reaching Béjar.


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