Etapa 10 btt | Ruta Vía de la Plata | La Ruta En Bici

Benavente - León

BTT · Stage 10 · 102 Kilometres See map


There are many signs indicating St James’ Way and the Via de la Plata Route, offering a wide variety of alternative routes, though there are not so many on the stretch between La Bañeza and Hospital de Órbigo. From La Bañeza, the signs indicate the Way of St James, which you should follow in the reverse direction. 

The stretch near Villabrázaro runs along paths and secondary roads, as the trail along the old railway line is not suitable for cyclists. As you come into La Virgen del Camino, you have to take the long way round due to the presence of the ring road. The stretches on paved road surfaces run along secondary roads with hardly any traffic.

The percentage of trails/paths is 50%, with the remaining 50% being paved roads.

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  • Km 3.2 - Villabrazaro

    You have to go around a farm where hares are bred. Fenced area.

  • Km 8 - Villabrazaro

    Follow the signs of the route along the road until Maire de Castroponce. The route along the railway line is not suitable for cyclists.

  • Km 45 - La Bañeza

    The track passes by a bicycle shop: “La Casa de la Bici”, on Calle Magistrado García Calvo, 28.

  • Km 63 - Hospital de Órbigo

    Change of route as you enter Hospital of Órbigo to avoid very narrow, muddy paths. No markings indicating the route.

  • Km 70 - Hospital de Órbigo

    When leaving Hospital de Órbigo, the trail follows a track running parallel to the main road to León.

  • Km 88 - Virgen del Camino

    Follow the signposting of the trail to by-pass Virgen del Camino.


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