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Benavente - León

Carretera · Stage 10 · 99 Kilometres See map


You leave the town on the Manganeses road, called Avenida de la Vizana, a traditional drovers’ road. You reach Villabrázaro along quieter, paved farm roads, after the traffic of the previous day. 

Around km 19.5, you will come to the beautiful medieval bridge of La Vizana, which crosses the River Órbigo. It can be dangerous to cross the bridge on a road bike due to the pebble paving. It is more advisable to head onto the LE-114 (there is no signpost) and cross the river over the new bridge, from where there is a nice view of the architectural gem of the old bridge.

The road leads directly to La Bañeza from here. Once you reach La Bañeza, turn right at the old railway station and cross the abandoned railway line to pass through the centre of the town.

You leave La Bañeza via the N-VI and head for Hospital de Órbigo, turning right on the roundabout around km 46 to take the road to Santa Maria del Paramo. Cross the bridge over the River Órbigo and turn left towards Villazala to avoid heavy traffic on the main road.

After passing through Valdesalinas, you will find yourself on a quiet road in a perfect state of repair. In Barrio de Buenos Aires, the trail links up with the N-120, which leads to Hospital de Órbigo. Continue on the right-hand side of this main road, which then leads to León, passing through La Virgen del Camino. 

It is essential to pay attention to the sat nav instructions from this stretch onward. At the roundabout, head for Trobajo del Camino via the pedestrian area. Continue straight on and, after crossing the San Marcos bridge over the River Bernesga in León, take Avenida Condesa de Sagasta. Then turn left onto Calle Ordoño II and head for the pedestrian square of San Marcelo, where you will see the town hall. Finally, continue on to León Cathedral, where the stage ends.


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  • Km 44.5 - La Bañeza

    At the old station, turn right to cross the railway line and pass through the town centre.

  • Km 45 - La Bañeza

    The sign sends you to the right or the left. If you continue straight on, you will cross a pedestrianized area to then head for Hospital de Órbigo. The track takes a detour of 2 km.


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