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The tracks from north to south are inverted with respect to the originals (south - north route), so they may contain some error.


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The tracks were updated in September 2014. The incidents refer to when the tracks were created. This information is subject to change. The Via de la Plata Route is not responsible for any changes arising after the above date.

Stage 0 · Gijón - Pola de Lena

Stage 1 · Pola de Lena - León

Stage 2 · León - Benavente

Stage 3 · Benavente - Zamora

Stage 4 · Zamora - San Pedro de Rozados

Stage 5 · San Pedro de Rozados - Béjar

Stage 6 · Béjar - Plasencia

Stage 7 · Plasencia - Casar de Cáceres

Stage 8 · Casar de Cáceres - Alcuéscar

Stage 9 · Alcuéscar - Villafranca de los Barros

Stage 10 · Villafranca de los Barros - El Real de la Jara

Stage 11 · El Real de la Jara - Sevilla

Stage 12 · Sevilla - Carmona

There are no tracks for this stage